Have you imagine not having a Church to attend on Sunday? Have you imagine a large town of over 5000 people with not a single Baptist Church? Those places are a reality in Cuba. We at JEM have been able to guide over 10000 souls saved during 10 years of work in Cuba, and we would like to see more. We believe it is an important and biblically task to plant churches and JEM is involved to help pastors and missionaries to plant churches in big cities like those with a large population for the little Island of Cuba without a good sound doctrine church. This 2018 we have been able to help to plant two churches in Cuba. If you believe this is God´s Will, please HELP US TO GO and help us to finance our “To the Uttermost of Cuba” project.

The Lord has opened doors for us to do ministr in Cuba. If you are of those who have walked with us praying for the Cuban souls we would like to say thank you for beeing with us in faith and spirit this year, 2018.

We will summarize some of our reached accomplishment throughout 2018:

–    3 Jewish people accepted the Lord Jesus as God and Savior.
–    JEM bought a 3 wheel motorcycle as part of our project “To the Uttermost of Cuba”
–    Our local missionary was ordinained to the Gospel Ministry.
–   Celebrate the Second annual “Honor Israel” service and banquet on the Sephardic Jewish Synagogue in Havana with an attendance of about 40 Jewish people!
–    1332 Cuban souls were saved.
–    Two Churches (at Quemado de Guines and Isabella) were planted as part of our project “To the Uttermost of Cuba” in cities with no presence of any Baptist church before.

None of these could have been done without your prayers and financial support toward our ministry. We strongly believe he covers up with His Hands because of the intercessory prayer of the saints. Please continue to battle with us in 2019.

We are making great plans for 2019. If the Lord allow us to fulfill them, we will be involved in reaching souls in Cuba, plant churches and edify the saints as we train them for the missionary work and plant more churches in the uttermost of Cuba. We are on fire of the Spirit to see it done! Come over into Cuba, and help us! In the Name of Jesus please! Amen!


Watch a summary video of Santiago de Cuba March 2016 outreach bellow.